Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Italian Exploitation Blog

My formative years in the exploitation trenches were largely fueled by wild and crazy slices of Italian cinema caught on VHS or – when I was lucky – in theatres or drive-ins. As a college student in Philly during the 1980s I had access to a dozen or more theaters, one of which was often playing some sort of Italian horror concoction, usually featuring zombies or cannibals.

To this day I can barely recall anything I learned in my college classes, but Wednesday afternoons spent watching SEVEN DOORS OF DEATH (the cut US version of the Lucio Fulci classic THE BEYOND) or Italian gut-munchers like BURIAL GROUND are forever etched in my memory.

Which is why I'm always so thrilled when I stumble upon a new Italian exploitation-centric blog like The Bloody Italiana Blog. How can I not love a blog that features the great John Saxon in its header graphic and a scathing review of Dario Argento's terrible THE CARD PLAYER on its homepage?

Thanks to Giallo Fever (another great Italian cinema blog) for pointing me in the right direction.

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