Sunday, May 20, 2007

Maybe It's Just Me...

Even though coverage of the NHL has moved over to Versus (what a stupid name), I'm glad that ESPN has kept Barry Melrose (top) on board to provide previews and post-game commentary about the playoffs. Which, by the way, couldn't be turning out better if my Flyers were actually playing in them.

First the Rangers went down and now the Sabres are off making vacation plans. My only hope now is that Anaheim can defeat the Red Wings out west and Chris Pronger suffers some sort of injury that forces him to the sidelines for the entire Stanley Cup.

But back to Melrose. Is it just me or is his on-air appearance now an official try out for the role of Dr. Byron Orpheus, Necromancer (bottom), in an upcoming live-action version of 'The Venture Bros.'?

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