Thursday, May 17, 2007

Do You Believe in Harvey Dent?

With the disappointment of SPIDER-MAN 3 behind me it's time to shake it off and get ready for next summer's big superhero spectacular. I'm talking, of course, about THE DARK KNIGHT, Christopher Nolan's follow-up to the superb BATMAN BEGINS.

When we last left the Caped Crusader, he was atop Gotham's police station chatting with ally James Gordon about new threats to the populace of Gotham and how things were being taken to the next level. For example, the calling card of a certain clown prince of crime left at the scene...

Filming has begun in Chicago and the great website Batman on Film is reporting that teasers for the film may begin appearing this summer on the new Harry Potter flick.

Can. Not. Wait.

Till we have something more substantial to chew on, here's a link to the campaign site for a certain Gotham DA candidate who we assume will play a large part in the series' future installments.

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