Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An Appreciation of GRINDHOUSE, A Couple Months After the Fact

I was lamenting last night that I wish I'd read Sunday's edition of The Baltimore Sun a day earlier. No, the paper is still a horrible rag best suited for wrapping fish, so I didn't miss some great story. What I did miss was the fact that GRINDHOUSE was playing at the Bengies as part of their Memorial Day dusk-to-dawn marathon. You could even skip the first couple flicks and show up at 1:30 when they were re-opening the box office for the 1:45 AM showing.

Too bad, too, because the drive-in is just about the perfect place to see this throwback homage to the days I spent sitting in the Super 130 Drive-In in Edgewater Park, NJ. Actually, it's more an homage to the days I spent straining my neck to get a peak at the boobs, beasts and blood up on the screen in my youth when my folks would drive by on the way home from my uncle's place.

When GRINDHOUSE came out a few months ago (was it really early April?) the merits of the two films at its core were breathlessly and endlessly debated by the few fans who actually bothered to go see it. So I was surprised to settle in for my coffee this morning and see this freshly-minted take on the flick.

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