Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Any horror-nuts growing up in the 80s probably remember FUTURE-KILL fondly; released during the video boom, it's box cover featured an H.G. Giger interpretation of main villain Splatter, done in his usual creepy, metallic way that to this day, ranks up there with some of the best cover art ever. Of course, it was never enough to rent the film, but damned if it hasn’t stuck with me all these years. [ED. NOTE: FUTURE-KILL is one of those VHS boxes that I could probably draw in my sleep thanks to seeing it over and over for years. For more on great VHS box covert art check out this site.]

It stuck with me enough that, when I went to an independent video store not too long ago, and, being smarter about these types of things now more than I was then, I rented it. I was ready to see if the movie was as good as the cover.

Check out Louis Fowler's complete review here.

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