Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wild Card Weekend: Day 1

Two games on the NFL playoff schedule today.

First up we've got the Kansas City Chiefs (who backed in to the playoffs thanks to the ineptitude of the Bungles and Broncos) at the Indianapolis Colts, who everybody was annointing as Super Bowl Champs back in September. Now, all of a sudden, people are talking about the Chiefs going in and upsetting Indy. On the road. In a dome. With Herm Edwards on the sidelines. Sorry, I just don't see that happening.

People keep talking about Larry Johnson running roughshod on the Colts defense but you can't keep running the ball if you're playing catchup. Chiefs won't be able to hang once Indy starts piling up points. Line is Colts -7 and they'll cover that handily.

The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, will go on the road and "upset" the Seahawks. Hell, I don't know if it's really even an upset. Cowboys play in a tougher division and the Seahawks have beaten one team, one, all year with a winning record at the end of the season and they barely won their horrible division, just squeaking past St. Louis and the Niners. Pee-yew.

Cowboys were something like 5-3 on the road, have superior receivers (TO might drop a lot of balls but he also leads the league in TDs), and the Seahawks secondary is decimated. Line is Seahawks giving 2.5, which means that Vegas doesn't even see this as an even matchup. You typically get 3 points just for being at home. Cowboys win and beat the spread.

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