Friday, December 08, 2006

SIGHT UNSEEN By Robert Tinnell/Bo Hampton

Last Christmas, writer/director/producer/author Robert Tinnell brought us FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES, a collection of his terrific coming-of-age comic strip meets family cookbook. (You can read a review here and an interview with Tinnell here.) This year the Christmas offering is a little different but no less satisfying.

SIGHT UNSEEN (Image) takes us into the world of blind neuro-scientist Frank Byron. With the help of special glasses, Byron is able to do what many have only dreamed of: see and communicate with the dead. With his daughter Molly and research assistant Derek by his side, Byron sets out to uncover the secrets behind a series of murders and disapperances in a small town.

Filled with sinister dwellings, family secrets, murderous phantoms, creepy backwoods killers, and artwork that'll have you reaching for the night light SIGHT UNSEEN is a must have for fans of sinister cinema and the 80s supernatural horror films of Lucio Fulci. It's no faint praise to say that reading this impressive hardback graphic novel transported me back to my first viewings of such flicks as THE BEYOND and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY.

Tinnell and Hampton have created a stunning, page-turning work that screams for a big-screen adaptation. In the right hands, SIGHT UNSEEN could be a stellar piece of Lovecraftian mythos, ghosts and horror with a Eurotrash vibe.

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