Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Concerned About the Coming Zombie Invasion? So Are They.

Years ago when we were working in a sheet music warehouse (yep, it was as boring as it sounds) and we'd already stolen all the books we could from the book warehouse we shared the building with we started playing a game called Zombie Plague. The rules were simple: begin walking towards somebody, silently, and see if you could get close enough to rip their throat out with your teeth or perhaps bite through their skull to get to the juicy, brainy treats inside.

Frankly, we were shocked at how unprepared most people were for a zombie invasion. Most asked us what we were doing or threw out that old horror film chestnut, "Stop kidding around." Had we actually been zombies, well, let's just say that this world would be a lot different.

If you're worried about the coming zombie mayhem, check out the
Zombie Preparedness Initiative. As the site says, "Keep Your Head. Remove Theirs."

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