Friday, May 26, 2006

Quick Thoughts on DA VINCI CODE

I'm not bothering with a full blown review of Ron Howard's THE DA VINCI CODE. Are my thoughts on a mainstream blockbuster based on one of the best-selling books ever published going to sway anybody one way or the other? Probably not. You folks might (and I repeat, might) trust my opinion when it comes to LIFESPAN or MARC THE NARC, but a huge summer release starring an A-lister like Tom Hanks?

CONS: It's too long; I'd figured out one twist before the movie even started and
the main twist shortly thereafter; Hanks looks puffy and bored; I couldn't understand Frenchie McGee half the time; and, it didn't know when the f**k to be over. Given the choice I'd watch that dopey NATIONAL TREASURE again.

PROS: Some of the medieval scenes were cool, though I kept waiting for a grave to start smoking so the Templars could open up a can of whoop ass on somebody a la TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD; and, I got to see the trailer for the new Bond film, CASINO ROYALE, on the big screen.

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