Friday, May 26, 2006

Holiday Weekend Update... What's New at ER

With summer's first long holiday weekend upon us (at least here in the States) it seemed like the perfect time to treat readers to a heaping helping of new reviews from the ER Crew...

INTERCESSOR: ANOTHER ROCK & ROLL NIGHTMARE (2005) – While DVD releases of obscure gems get all the attention, it's about time somebody uncovered a real stinker. The intrepid Crites suffers through this lame-ass fantasy starring heavy metal rocker Thor so you don't have to.

CYCLONE (1979) – Disaster film meets nature run amok cinema in the hands of the legendary Rene Cardona, Jr. Doug Waltz checks in with his report on this crafty exploitation hodge podge.

THE BETTIE PAGE COLLECTION (2006) – While mainstream historians attempt to paint the 50s as a time of freckle-faced kids and happy families, Pinky Royale knows better. Check out Pinky's look at the three-volume BETTIE PAGE COLLECTION from Cult Epics.

TOKYO PSYCHO (2004) – Director Ataru Oikawa has some rich material to work with in this true crime tale of Japanese murder and mayhem. But does Crites put this in Panik House's "hit" or "miss" pile?

DELINQUENT GIRL BOSS: WORTHLESS TO CONFESS (1971) – Looking for a violent, sleazy way to spend the evening? Crites recommends this entry from Panik House's PINKY VIOLENCE COLLECTION.

CRIMINAL WOMAN: KILLING MELODY (1970) – Another entry from the impressive Panik House PINKY VIOLENCE COLLECTION, Crites reports that this classic slice of 70s pulp has it all. From babes behind bars and drunken brawling to dope, guns and fucking.

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