Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lane Meyer's Car

I'm a huge fan of BETTER OFF DEAD, the first of two collaborations between John Cusack and writer/director Savage Steve Holland. (The second was the mostly forgettable ONE CRAZY SUMMER.) Cusack, of course, rarely speaks of his early days in the world of teen comedies though he did appear in the featurette that appears on the long overdue DVD for Rob reiner's THE SURE THING.

But BETTER OFF DEAD rises way above most of the disposable 80s teen comedy garbage thanks to Cusack's winning portrayal of Lane Meyer, Curtis Armstrong's brilliant turn as his twisted sidekick Charles De Mar ("My brother makes this wicked eggnog with lighter fluid."), bizarre animated fantasy sequences, and, of course Dan Schnieder as quintessential 80s dork Ricky Smith (I'm still reduced to tears by the photo he gives to French exchange student Monique as a Christmas gift).

Yet for all my viewings of BETTER OFF DEAD I've never once wondered, "What happened to Lane's Camaro." Apparently, this guy did.

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Aj said...

Oh. My. God. This is freaking brilliant. What he went through to locate this car is astounding. And, by the way, "I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!!!"