Thursday, December 20, 2012


Reading through TAPE MOLD's two glorious issues takes me back to that golden age of trash film and pop culture zines, when daily trips to the PO Box yielded a treasure trove of reading material from publishers with passion.

I never knew what I was about to get edumacated on... Hong Kong cinema? Spaghetti westerns? Eurotrash? Christina Lindberg? 8-tracks? Board games? Cereal collectibles?

They all had zines devoted to them and TAPE MOLD – from co-creator Dan Kinem – is probably the closest thing I've seen to something from that era.

Each issue is packed with Kinem's fascination with the VHS format and those who inhabited its universe, whether it's obscure video labels, BBW star Big Bad Bertha, pumpkin carving craftsmen, or an ultra-obscure shot-on-video anthology flick like SOUTHERN SHOCKERS (whose awesome Spanish box art graces the cover of issue #2).

An excellent companion to the more review-oriented LUNCHMEAT, TAPE MOLD is a must have even if you probably have no chance of finding many of the tapes discussed between its covers!

TAPE MOLD #1 is sold out but TAPE MOLD #2 is still available. Get it now before it's gone, too!

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