Thursday, November 25, 2010

Judge Rules in Brody's Favor in GIALLO Suit

Here's the latest in the suit filed by actor Adrien Brody against the makers of GIALLO. According to THE HUFFINGTON POST, a judge on Monday ruled in Brody's favor and has blocked the sale or use of Brody's likeness in the promotion of the film until the remainder of his salary is paid.

U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer on Monday blocked the sale or use of Brody's likeness in "Giallo" until the Oscar winner's remaining salary is paid. The judge noted in her ruling that the actor was likely to prevail in his $2 million lawsuit against the filmmakers.

"At no point did I ever wish to be involved in a legal dispute, but after over a year of attempting to resolve this matter I was left with no other alternative," Brody said in a statement released to The Associated Press by his attorney Wednesday.

The actor sued Hannibal Pictures and U.K.-based Giallo Productions Ltd. in October, shortly before "Giallo" went on sale in the United States. In a sworn declaration, Brody claimed the filmmakers lied to him about the movie's financing and how much its Italian distribution rights were worth.

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