Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adrien Brody Sues to Stop Release of GIALLO?

This was certainly one of the odder stories to pop up on-line the last few days. My initial reaction to the headline was, "Wow, is it that bad?" but it seems the suit is more driven by bad blood on the business side than any fears the film – or his performance – is worth suing over.

Frankly, I enjoyed this summer's PREDATORS and more than a few trusted sources have encouraged me to check out SPLICE. I was hoping that this was all leading to Brody having a healthy career in upscale schlock.

According to some on-line sources the flick is already on shelves in video stores (they still have those?) and it can be purchased from Amazon. I reckon that Brody's suit has probably drawn more attention to a film that would have quietly disappeared for all but us horror fans.

Have you seen GIALLO? What did you think?

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