Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Couple Klaus Shout-Outs on a Saturday Morning

Gotta love the internet. While looking for some info on what BAD MOON star Michael Pare is up to these days (working with Uwe Boll, apparently!) I stumbled across a few Klaus Kinski shout-outs. One was something I'd been meaning to mention for a few weeks and the other is just one of those silly "Top 10" lists but I never pass up the opportunity to give Klaus some props.

First up, 70s starlet Vonetta McGee passed away in early July at the age of 65. Though best known for her roles in such 70s fare as BLACULA, HAMMER, THE EIGER SANCTION and SHAFT IN AFRICA, Eurotrash and Spaghetti Western fans will always remember her as Pauline in Sergio Corbucci's amazing THE GREAT SILENCE starring Kinski as a vicious bounty hunter. The flick is a Top 10 Eurotrasher in my book, features one of Klaus' all-time best performances, and would likely top my list of Favorite Spaghetti Westerns.

Do yourself a favor. If you've never seen the film get your hands on it.

Next up, the site We Are Movie Geeks posted one of their Top 10 lists and Kinski gets a small, but deserving, plug in their list of Top 10 Evil Henchmen. The character of vampire flunky Renfield makes the list and the writer gives a shout out to Klaus for his remarkable interpretation of the character in Jess Franco's EL CONDE DRACULA. Though the flick didn't quite hold up for me when I caught it on DVD a couple years ago, Kinski's wordless, impassioned performance is well worth checking out.

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