Monday, June 28, 2010

PLEASURE GIRLS Available from Diabolik DVD

Always happy to report some previously-unavailable (at least in legit form) Kinski flick making its way to DVD. Even if you'll need a Blu-Ray player or all region PAL DVD player to see it.

THE PLEASURE GIRLS (1965) takes a look at Swinging 60s London as a young woman moves to London to pursue a modeling career, moves in with some friends, encounters characters like Ian McShane and our man Klaus, and gets caught up in the world of parties and pleasure. As the tagline says, "Kept in a Plush Pad for his Desires ... She Played the Game and Paid the Price!"

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo package features the film in all region Blu-Ray or DVD PAL Region 2 formats with the Blu-Ray featuring the complete export cut while the DVD features 12 minutes of export version scenes.

Available from Diabolik DVD.

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