Friday, August 15, 2008

New Reviews Posted and Welcoming a New Reviewer

Happy Friday everybody and what better way to kick off the weekend than with a freshly minted batch of reviews from Exploitation Retrospect!

This week we're offering a wonderfully mixed bag featuring monstrous Hollywood blockbusterism (THE DARK KNIGHT) to go along with everything from 8mm big-boob peep loops (BUSTY STAG COLLECTION) and environmentally-themed Casper Van Dien-ploitation (MELTDOWN: DAYS OF DESTRUCTION) to revenge/action with a Latino flair (LATIN DRAGON), low-budget horror, 70s roughie porn and more!

I'd also like to welcome Sinferno, our newest reviewer, who makes his ER debut this week with a look at the recent, unrated low-budget horror flick BLOOD AND SEX NIGHTMARE. Look for lots more from Sinferno in the days to come.

And speaking of things to come, stay tuned for our next update which will include a look at the ultra-entertaining kickboxing revenge flick PSYCHO KICKBOXER: DARK ANGEL as well as DADDY'S DARLING, PLAYGIRLS OF MUNICH and more!

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