Friday, August 29, 2008

More New Westerberg and Sad News

Just a few weeks after the release of the recently-pulled '49:00', Paul Westerberg's back with a couple new digital offerings. '3oclockreep' is 20+ minutes in the "collage" vein of '49:00' plus a bonus track called "Finally Here Once". And, if you missed it earlier, don't forget to download '5:05' (which my iTunes clocks in at 5:06) is also out there for download.

I'm torn about this recent digital tidal wave of material from my favorite songwriter. On the one hand, there's some good stuff in here, especially on '49:00'. On the other hand, the collections can be very hit-or-miss and have the feel of somebody noodling around in their basement studio at 3 AM because they can. Nothing wrong with that, but I used to enjoy the anticipation and build-up to a new Westerberg release. Now it seems like all I have to do is wait a couple weeks and something new will be out there.

In sadder Mats-related news, drummer Steve Foley – who replaced Chris Mars and also played with bassist Tommy Stinson's short-lived Bash & Pop – died at the age of 49 from what is being described as an "accidental overdose of prescription medication".

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