Sunday, November 25, 2007

Romantics Sue Over Cover Version

Detroit rockers The Romantics have sued Activision over the use of a soundalike cover of "What I Like About You" in a version of Guitar Hero released earlier this year.


Cinema Suicide said...

I have to wonder why it's The Romantics that are objecting so strongly over this matter. I'm a desperately addicted Guitar Hero player and while many of the songs throughout the game's set lists sound like cover bands, the lion's share of the songs sound exactly like the originals. The Kiss covers are almost 1:1 and if anyone is going to find a lawsuit in that, it would probably be Gene Simmons. I'm baffled.

Also, how 'bout them Pats?

Dan said...

Judging from the fact that there are Guitar Hero KISS faceplates I'd bet KISS worked out a deal to license the songs and lend their name to the whole thing.

As for those Pats, they should consider themselves lucky. Birds gave the rest of the league a blueprint on how to attack them. They better watch themselves next Monday night here in Charm City!

Cinema Suicide said...

Gotta hand it to Philly, dude. That was the first time since Indianapolis that things looked grim for New England. I watched all the pre-game stuff that had the Pats over Philly by three TDs because of no McNabb but that was some sloppy football on the part of New England and Philly was all over Moss.

We're spoiled up here in New England this season the way Brady and Moss have been walking all over the opposition. When the final score isn't complete domination, the fans up here get real nervous.