Saturday, November 24, 2007

'Shake Some Action' Hits the Shelves

Back in the 1980s, every year at Thanksgiving dinner my brothers and sisters would goof on me because I would hand out a highly detailed Christmas list complete with the item and where it could be purchased. My brother-in-law would joke that the only thing missing was the brown paper bag he'd have to put over his head to ask for a Hüsker Dü LP.

Sadly, not much has changed. I still find myself regularly shooting my wife e-mails detailing DVDs, CDs and books I'd like to add to my shelves. And why not? Let's face it, local stores aren't carrying 'Muchas Gracias Senior Lobo!' or the Digimovies Klaus Kinski Horror Trilogy Soundtrack CD, both of which I received for Christmas last year.

One of the latest items I've let her know about is the awesome looking 'Shake Some Action' by John Borack. Billed as "The Ultimate Power Pop Guide," the book goes into the author's picks for the 200 definitive genre releases and features contributions from some of the genre's noted authorities and artists.

Plus, what book on power pop is complete without a disc of rarities from such artists as Rubinoos, Dom Mariani, Paul Collins/Peter Case and many more?

Check it out over at Not Lame's website – just make sure to save a copy for me.

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