Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Phillies Phever Has Broken

I'd forgotten how soul-crushing it can be to see your team thoroughly and completely dominated in a playoff series. I can still remember watching the Eric Lindros-led Flyers get swept in the Stanley Cup Finals by the Detroit Red Wings and thinking, "Well, that was a real letdown."

Since then the Sixers have lost in the NBA Finals (though they did steal a Game 1 victory while I was on a plane, so I didn't even get to enjoy it) and the Eagles lost in the Super Bowl (or if you're to believe the conspiracy-theorists, had it stolen from them by the sign-stealing Pats), not to mention a handful of NFC Championship games.

That's pretty much been it for Philly sports fans and made the recent, swift departure by the Phils from the MLB playoffs so, well, disappointing. How do you fight that hard all season, only to come up so short in the post-season?

Ah well, at least it's good to know the Mets and Yankees are also on vacation and I have three teams to root for in the next two rounds. Please, please, please baseball gods, let it be anybody but Boston. I don't know that I can take a year where the Sox win the World Series (again), the Celtics look to have one of the top teams in the East (and should finish somewhere around 22 games ahead of Philly), and the Pats should end up somewhere around 14-2 on their way to another possible Super Bowl berth.

The one good thing about the baseball playoffs is that they've moved from TBS to FOX. Granted, as somebody from the (grrr) Boston Phoenix pointed out, this does mean we have to put up with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, but at least we won't have to suffer through more of those hideously unfunny FrankTV ads.

Unfortunately, not all the world is as right thinking. Sports Illustrated scribe Peter King might want to sit the next few plays out after writing this in his Week 5 NFL column:
I could watch the Frank Caliendo stuff about a hundred more times. He's funnier today than Belushi was 30 years ago. He's even got George Bush's facial expressions down pat. I mean, they're perfect.
Seriously? Belushi? One of the great comic actors of this or any generation?


Cinema Suicide said...

Hey! Take it easy! First of all, the Sox have a lot of making up to do. 86 years of disappointment has made the region bitter and with the best line up in MLB, we deserve it, god damn it! The Pats? Well, the last few seasons have made it pretty clear that you can't stop them. You just can't. If anyone deserves to break out and play well, though, it's the Celtics. They have been floundering for so long that it'll be nice to have a little basketball fever in New England again. After the 80's dream team split up, no one out here gave a shit about basketball anymore.

Dan said...

My mom told me that if I can't say anything nice...

Seriously, though, I probably hated those 80s era Celtics teams (and the Showtime Lakers) about as much as I've ever hated anything or anyone in my life.

Cinema Suicide said...

Damn! Even Larry Bird? I thought everybody loved Larry Bird!

Dan said...