Friday, October 12, 2007

Are You ALIVE?

So far, the new TV season has been a letdown for me. PRISON BREAK is back, but hardly better than ever. Michael's new incarceration in a sweaty, gross Panamanian prison has a been there, seen that feel and the behind-the-scenes decision to not only not bring Sara back, but to chop off her head and put it in a box (ala SE7EN) seemed like a big "fuck you" to actress and audience alike (actress Sarah Wayne Callies decided not to return to the show or was booted from the show depending upon whom you believe). So, um, why did I invest two years in the Michael/Sara relationship?

I've already expressed my thoughts on BIONIC WOMAN here, though I haven't watched this week's installment yet. It hasn't exactly generated HEROES or LOST levels of buzz so I'm not holding my breath.

Speaking of HEROES, my wife has decided to watch Season 1 of the show which sort of leaves me in limbo. I can either wait to watch Season 2 with her when it comes out on video or I can watch it now. So far I'm resisting, but I'm weak people, I'm weak.

SMALLVILLE returned a few weeks ago with a vengeance – love the way they're bringing in villains like Bizarro and heroes like Green Arrow – but I have yet to catch up on what has happened the last couple weeks. Perhaps today I'll have an opportunity to blow through the last two episodes and see how Supergirl is adjusting to life in Smallville.

Other than that, I'm barely sampling any new shows, I still enjoy the Sunday double shot of SIMPSONS/KING OF THE HILL (though it's more out of habit/respect than anything), and NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup remains strong (but what's up with those awful Seinfeld spots for his stupid cartoon?). In other words, my viewing has barely changed from last year and if I bail on BIONIC I'll have officially added zero new shows to the mix.

In fact, the two new shows I might be most excited about aren't even on the air. Heck, one of them doesn't even exist at this point.

Back when the fall schedule was being prepped it looked like CBS was going to be a monster-lover's best friend with the vampire cop show MOONLIGHT and a zombie drama called BABYLON FIELDS (think JERICHO but with zombies instead of Skeet Ulrich) .

Unfortunately, when the official schedule was announced BABYLON was nowhere to be found and MOONLIGHT had been given a deadly 9 PM slot on Friday night. Is this how we treat our monsters theses days?

Good news, though. While reading an article about mid-season replacements they mentioned that BABYLON FIELDS – whose pilot stars Amber Tamblyn, Jamey Sheridan (LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT) and David Patrick Kelly (TWIN PEAKS) – might pop up on the schedule when things like VIVA LAUGHLIN or, perhaps, CANE fail.

For fans of the military and the undead (28 DAYS LATER and DAY OF THE DEAD pop to mind), a new show on the horizon might be just the answer to your zombie hopes and dreams. ALIVE is the brainchild of a company called Epic Level Entertainment and it's so new that there's not even a show yet, just a viral campaign hoping to generate both fan and network interest.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the zombie plague and the plight of the survivors, check out the Falcon Rock Command website. The latest video is shown below...

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