Friday, August 17, 2007

At Least Somebody in The Violent Femmes Has Standards

I had a weird dream last night that I was hanging out with Axl Rose before a gig and helped pull him out of an elevator after he beat the snot out of guitarist Charlie Sexton. Weird. Dream Axl also confirmed that Tommy Stinson of The Replacements is still in the band and that their new album will be worth the wait. Weird.

Back in the land of reality, I was pleased to see that somebody in The Violent Femmes has standards. Apparently, despite the fact that they still play together regularly and just finished a world tour, bassist Brian Ritchie is suing lead singer Gordon Gano saying he was deprived of songwriting credit on some of the band's songs. Ritchie also states that he wants an accounting of the band's earnings.

More importantly, Ritchie was apparently as appalled as I was that the band's overplayed "hit" 'Blister in the Sun' was used in a commercial for the Wendy's chain of fast food outlets. Mmmmm, nothing like a song about masturbation to get me in the mood for a big, beefy burger.

What's next? McDonald's scoring their next McFlurry spot to "Orgasm Addict"?

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