Saturday, July 07, 2007

ER Recommends... a Lifetime Movie?

Don't fret. I wasn't brainwashed or re-programmed during my recent, brief vacation. But how else to explain the fact that ER is recommending, or at least reminding you of, a movie on the Lifetime Movie Network starring Antonio Sabato, Jr. (right)?

Well, if you're anything like me you love a good nature-run-amok flick. So, when we saw the commercials for DESTINATION: INFESTATION, which I believe premieres tonight, I had to send up a flare to my comrades in (trashy) arms. What's it all about? I'll let the good folks at Lifetime tell ya...
If the thought of snakes on a plane makes you shudder, prepare yourself. Bug expert Carrie Ross is about to find something just as deadly on a flight home from Costa Rica. A passenger has unknowingly carried on a swarm of poisonous ants! U.S. Air Marshal Ethan Hart isn't exactly equipped for bug control, so it's up to Carrie and her daughter to help him neutralize these tiny terrorists before they short-circuit all the plane's systems and send it into free fall!
I don't know if this flick will come close to the fun-filled knock-off SNAKES ON A TRAIN, but one can always hope.

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