Friday, February 15, 2019

FLESH FOR THE INFERNO (2015) directed by Richard Griffin | Review by Louis Fowler

In a story that feels largely ripped from the headlines, a scummy Catholic priest is accused of flagrant molestation by a handful of seemingly decent nuns. However, instead of just relocating him to a different parish and hoping enterprising journalists never find out about it, said priest takes out a gun and shoots one of the nuns right in the head.

The rest of the crew he seals in a brick-strewn wall down in the basement – it's a bit more work, as he probably could've shot all of them and been done with it, but whatever – prompting the nuns to renounce God and, in a broad turn of events, accept Satan in a twenty-year bid for unholy vengeance.

And here is where the movie start to make no sense: the bloody day finally comes when a grotesque band of teens, with all stereotypes represented and overplayed, accidentally discover and get slaughtered individually by the demon-possessed nuns. The kids, as annoying as they are, really had nothing to do with the molestations of years past, so to rip them apart seems like going a little too far in the nuns' bid for revenge.

Directed by Richard Griffin (SPLATTER DISCO, MURDER UNIVERSITY), FLESH... moves from point A to point B about as well as you'd expect, more inclined to deliver a message of anger against the church than a storyline that really makes much sense; but, in light of certain Catholic crimes, I can respect that. What hurts the film more is the devilishly poor acting, but, for an ultra low-budget flick, what can you really expect?

FLESH FOR THE INFERNO, if this was 1995, would've been a great Saturday night rental. And while I'm not sure who this neo-nunsploitation is truly for these days, if it happens to cross your black path of entertainment options somewhere, don't damn it to Hell immediately. – Louis Fowler

Louis Fowler is a longtime contributor to ER and The Hungover Gourmet as well as The Lost Ogle, Bookgasm and The Impulsive Buy

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