Tuesday, November 27, 2018

David Allen's THE PRIMEVALS Finally Seeing the Light of Day?!

If you were a fan of Empire Pictures and Full Moon, you probably spent a good part of your life waiting around for films that may or may not have ever happened. Or were even started.

I myself waited for years from the time I saw the full-page ad in Variety for PULSE POUNDERS until the lost footage was finally discovered and released piecemeal on various Full Moon releases. (See our review of the surprisingly sleazy THE EVIL CLERGYMAN here.)

Of all the projects backed by Charles Band that never saw the light of day, the most anticipated may be legendary effect expert David Allen's THE PRIMEVALS. An epic undertaking (especially for Full Moon), the film was to combine stop-motion with live action and was Allen's passion project until his death in 1999.

The film's history is a recurring theme throughout the recent Full Moon tome IT CAME FROM THE VIDEO AISLE!, with what seemed like hundreds of the book's real-life characters toiling on it in some capacity over the years.

Now, ComingSoon.net reports that Band has assembled a team led by Chris Endecott (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, DEADPOOL) to finish the work Allen left behind after his death.

You can contribute to the project here and help THE PRIMEVALS finally see the light of day. – Dan Taylor

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