Friday, September 29, 2017

The Return of The KISS Poster Magazine

Talk about your Flashback Friday!

KISS poster and pin-up mags were all the rage when I was about 10 years old. Word would spread on the school playground like wildfire and we'd hit the local 7-11 or nearby newsstand for our own copy.

Because my house had been declared a KISS-Free Zone by my parents – well, really just my Mom – I got great at hiding such contraband, a skill that would serve me well later in life!

My friends and I would gather on the playground and pass around our copies, debating if Gene was really a demon (or Satanist) and even pretending to breathe "fire" if the air was cool enough.

Who knew that over three decades later my 10 year old daughter would be able to get her very own KISS poster magazine – "Complete with 8 Giant Pull-Out Posters"!

Coming soon from FANTASM Media the book promises "new, exclusive and unseen photos from KISS's past and present, brand new interviews and features as well as eight giant foldout posters, perfect for framing and hanging on whatever wall you want".

Stay tuned to the FANTASM website for pre-order info and check out the poster mag's Facebook page.

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And for your Friday viewing pleasure here's Lynda Carter performing "I Was Made for Loving You" with faux KISS backup dancers...

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