Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Exploitation Retrospect Goes Wading in the CINESLUDGE!

Since their debut more than a decade ago I've always wanted to do a podcast.

I suppose it stems from the enjoyment I got from my years as a college radio DJ combined with the fun I still get from sitting down and talking with friends about the movies, books and other "stuff" we love.

For years, my friends and I would would retire to a diner, theater lobby, somebody's back patio or even the woods (where we'd be accompanied by a case of beer) and spend hours talking about the flicks we'd been watching, zines and comics we were reading or music we were listening to.

Recently, most of that chatter came on-line, in Yahoo groups (like the European Trash Cinema Paradise), Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. But nothing replaced getting together with friends or chatting with them over the phone and sharing a laugh or the enthusiasm at some weird gem discovered during late night Netflix trawling.

The biggest challenge I faced was finding the right person to do a show with. I had plenty of potential podcast partners in mind, so when one of them – longtime buddy, ER scribe and TOMB IT MAY CONCERN head honcho David Zuzelo – eventually approached me with the same idea a few months back, it seemed like a sign.

The result is CINESLUDGE, a freshly minted podcast that mangles media and wades into a messed up morass of horror, action, sexploitation, kung fu, men's action, Eurotrash and more. If you're looking for in-depth analysis of cinema and a film's place within its history, we may not be right for you. But if you want passionate appreciations of everything from low-budget auteurs and direct-to-video sequels to streaming gems and D-grade knockoffs, have we got a show for you! (Down the road you might even encounter musings from The HorrorDads and a visit from The Hungover Gourmet... who knows?!)

Check out our "test" episode featuring such mind-benders as HELLINGER, HOLY TERROR and QUILTFACE (plus a little ER history from yours truly) as well as our first "official" episode extolling the virtues of Jim Wynorski flicks (love is shared for GILA!, HOUSE ON HOOTER HILL and HARD TO DIE), Jeff Lieberman's schizo Halloween gem SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER and the recent Vinegar Syndrome release of the kung-fu-zombie classic RAW FORCE.

CINESLUDGE is available at these fine outlets:

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