Monday, May 19, 2014

THE STABILIZER's Arizal Dead at 71

Plenty of genre icons have left us in recent months but this one will probably not get much digital ink.

Sutradar Arizal – simply credited as Arizal – died at the age of 71. I had no idea who or what an Arizal was until good pal and Cinema Arcana honcho Bruce Holecheck introduced me to the magic and majesty that is THE STABILIZER. An Indonesian action flick starring Brian May lookalike Peter O'Brien, it's such a magnificently enjoyable slice of sinema it's nearly impossible to put it into words (though one of these days I'll try).

Arizal also directed such actioners as AMERICAN HUNTER (another over-the-top winner starring Chris Mitchum), FINAL SCORE (Mitchum again) and DOUBLE CROSSER, not to mention a number of other Indonesian flicks I won't pretend to know anything about.

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