Friday, December 20, 2013

David Z Warms Up a Cold Night with Those Hot Oui Girls

Ho, Ho, Whoa! While yours truly finishes up a bevy of Holiday Horrors reviews for your Christmas week pleasure (sic), we turn the reins over to the one and only David Zuzelo of Tomb It May Concern for a date with those hot OUI, GIRLS.

"I can't blame him, you're a hot lady.  If I were fixing a flat and a really pretty chick came by and started playing with herself I'd STILL be fixing a flat." – Buck breaks it down for his lady after she reports that Joey Silvera jerked off to watching her change her tire

Impulse Pictures strokes the shaft of obscurity once more until they frantically release OUI, GIRLS across our screens with their latest thrust into the DVD marketplace!  Once more using the allure of Fred J. Lincoln, a guy who most exploitation cinema fans know as Weasel from LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT to get cult cinema fans through the folds of their wallet, this is a sex-packed, ass-slapping good time that mixes a little plot (and I mean mircopenis-sized plot) and a ton of  California Supersex with groovy clothes, brain-wrenching dialogue and some strong sex performances from luminaries such as Sharon Kane, Paul Thomas, Lisa De Leeuw and lead actress Anna Ventura.  To be honest, I had never noticed Ventura before, but not only is she beautiful and pornographically perfect, but she wraps her lips around some primo lines of wonderfully chunky script as well.

Sharon Kane rocks the early 80s 'do in OUI, GIRLS. 
So, plot. It's a blur after the blissful opening track that features those HOT OUI GIRLS, with lyrics by Tiffany Clark. Nick (the great Paul Thomas) is investigating what he leads Barbara (Anna Ventura) to believe is a murder from one of his clients.  After the talk of some play-acting comes up, Barbara bashfully tells us that she promised to tell her mom that she would let her know when she got married.  Blow it off if you will, but this IS a plot point.  It turns out that the subject of the investigation works out on the Circle S Ranch, aka a swingers haven! And then there is a great mini bit of exposition as Lisa De Leeuw and her "little red friend" get so worked up they have to just vent and blow and vent some more.

Several couples drift through the background, stopping for a few minutes to get it on in various ways (including a dance number of sorts that has Starbuck dropping a very hot latte on Tiffany Clark). Most interesting is Sharon Kane rocking a super-sexy early 80s hairdo and showing why she is a top name in vintage porn.  Her scenes as a swingers facilitator are fantastic and she shows up later for a girl-girl scene (captured as the main menu with good reason) in the weird Circle S set-up in the final orgy scene.

And there is love. Ah, love.  Seems that Barbara wasn't joking about getting permission, because Nick knows she is a virgin and after a few "teach me" moments she is banging away like a veteran of the scene.  But can Nick continue to use her? Can he bear to see her with another man after his sensitive multi-positional assistance program to welcome her into the world of sexually active women?  Well, I don't care, but I want her to be getting to business!  A final confrontation and a thrown out entirely reason for any of this to happen later and it's THE END.

Paul Thomas works out in OUI, GIRLS.
OUI, GIRLS is hardly related to the beloved OUI magazine, or drops nary a croissant into the food trays for our hungry and energetic ranchers. But there is a lot of YES going on with a whole lot of sexy sex.  For fans of the early 80s scene, it's a great film that has some great pre-video acting chops served up and especially hot work from Lisa De Leeuw.  She has the kind of presence that is hard to match and her dirty talking blowjob scene in the early part of the film shows why.  The locations are pretty basic, and Lincoln doesn't do much of anything to be stylish (barring one fun edit that has clothing just vanishing) and the music is the standard issue variety of bass drone and easy listening.  It is no classic unearthed, but I can't give it a high enough YES vote for viewers that can take their porn on a few levels.

Watch for a hysterical and ultimately sexy scene that features Paul Thomas in megaporn-'stache just randomly doing a few little weight lifting barbell bits that leads to him getting a blowjob while working out.  MOTIVATION, thy name is Anna Ventura. Fun, you get to be Oui, Girls. Porn fans, you get to be entertained, so part the massive muffs and slide this in your player.  I think I'm most fascinated that the Circle S was real and they had catering brought in for the crew of OUI, GIRLS. Excellent. I'd love to go to work like that.  Catered swingers ranch!

Back in the days when porn flicks needed these kinds of credits.
The DVD from Impulse Pictures is from a scratchy but perfectly serviceable print and in anamorphic widescreen for your porn home theater (minus the snoring and sticky floors)! – David Zuzelo

 OUI, GIRLS is available from Amazon.

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