Monday, October 07, 2013

New Korean Horror Anthology Promises to Go for the Jugular

Longtime readers are well aware of my affinity for horror anthologies so it should come as no surprise I'm excited to check out HORROR STORIES (aka MOO-SEO-WOONI-YA-GI), a collection of four horror tales from Korea slated for release on October 8th.
Horror anthologies might be everywhere these days, but the Korean entry Horror Stories raises the bar with four terrifying stories (and a nail-biting wraparound tale), each one chilling enough to be its own feature. If you thought this was going to be a tame collection of teen-friendly “ghost girl” stories – think again. Horror Stories goes right for the jugular with non-stop splatter, intense shocks and riveting suspense. A high school girl is abducted and forced by a psycho to tell him the scariest tales she knows. 
An international genre festival success from Sitges to Fantasia, this is one of the best Korean horror films in years and has been called “one of the scariest Asian horror anthologies of the 21st century”.
Check out the trailer below and look for a review on an upcoming Anthology Flick Friday!

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