Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Very Trashy New Year's Eve

Hope everybody had an enjoyable and safe New Year's Eve. We spent the afternoon bowling with fellow zine publishers WP Tandy (SMILE HON, YOU'RE IN BALTIMORE) and Davida Breier (RIGOR MORTIS and XEROGRAPHY DEBT), then headed home for snacks and sushi while we enjoyed the Abbott & Costello marathon on TCM.

Caught the end of MEET FRANKENSTEIN (still my fave and the flick that started me on the road to being a horror fan) which was followed by MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN and MEET THE MUMMY. Fun stuff still and Ryan gets as much of a kick out of them at age 5 as I did.

Wrapped up our 2012 viewings with a high concept double bill... first up was FDR: AMERICAN BADASS which hysterically tweaks this whole historical figure faux horror (think ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES) with Barry Bostwick as a polio-stricken, sex-crazed FDR who fights Nazi and Axis werewolves from his machine-gun-equipped wheelchair. Bostwick and Bruce McGill (ANIMAL HOUSE's D-Day) are hysterical as the prez and his right-hand man and the whole thing is so unrelentingly un-PC that you couldn't help but marvel at it.

Unfortunately, SNOW SHARK isn't able to sustain its high concept quite as well. An earthquake unleashes a prehistoric shark from its icy grave and it begins a reign of terror on the residents of a northeast community. Sure, scenes of the shark fin cutting through the snow are hysterical but the whole JAWS parody sorta runs out of steam and would have been better suited to a short instead of being stretched out to an 80-minute feature.

And with that our 2012 viewing is a wrap. The December Viewing List and our Faves of 2012 will be posted soon. Hope your 2013 is super trashy!

What were your favorite watches of 2012? Tell us in the comments below...

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