Sunday, December 02, 2012

Yes I Watched ELF-MAN. Or, I May Have Mental Problems.

Not only did I rent ELF-MAN starring Wee Man, Jeffrey Combs and Mackenzie Astin (son of John Astin and Patty Duke), but I held it an extra day so I could watch the whole thing!

In related news, I may have mental problems.

Somehow I couldn't resist the idea of a family holiday flick starring the JACKASS midget, Herbert West and the kid from THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE. Maybe I should try.

Astin stars as a widowed scientist who has created a solar cell that can deliver enough energy to power a whole house. Naturally, he finishes his invention on Christmas Eve and while out doing last-minute holiday shopping is kidnapped by the bumbling Mickey (Combs) and his two more bumbling co-horts.

When Dad doesn't return home for Christmas dinner his daughter makes a wish on an antique elf doll that Daddy come home and the family be happy again. Cue Wee Man as one of Santa's elves who lands at the house, helps out the kids, their gramma and Dad's butcher girlfriend (?!) and tries to rescue Dad from the bumbling thugs. Did I mention they're bumbling?

It's like a low-rent HOME ALONE with a stoned midget instead of Macauly Culkin and Combs acting his ass off as the Moe, er, Mickey of the gang. Having seen FROM BEYOND just a few days ago I couldn't get Combs' classic "he bit his head off like a gingerbread man" line out of my head and I kept hoping they would work it into the flick. Instead we get lots of things turning in to other things, some reindeer fart jokes, and a western standoff spoof with Wee Man and Combs

Pretty brutal but I actually did laugh out loud a couple times once Elf-Man's home-sewn costume transforms into a real superhero outfit in time for him to battle the bumbling crooks. Filmed in nearby Frederick, MD the flick features elf design by FLY II director/Oscar-winning creature creator Chris Walas (!) and a monster fruitcake that looks like something out of an EVIL DEAD Holiday Special.

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