Monday, June 06, 2011


Though I love the convenience of things like Redbox and Netflix (especially the latter's streaming service, which can keep me glued to the tv all night), I miss the thrill of spending hours milling about a video store. Drinking in the often-outrageous box art, wondering how some of the copy made it past a proofreader (there had to be one, right?), trying to decide if this was just another crappy retitling of a crappy horror (or action or sexploitation) flick I'd already seen.

Good times, good times.

While finding those off-the-beaten path video stores is largely a thing of the past it's good to know dedicated nuts like our pal Bruce Holecheck are keeping the spirit of trashy, low-budget VHS alive. Bruce's newest project at his excellent Cinema Arcana blog is The VHS Archives, a label-by-label attempt to catalog some of the less-heralded and more insane VHS labels from days gone by.

The first label to get examined is MOGUL (and its offshoots) and the project already includes a handful of entries, complete with box art, verbatim copy and – where possible – Holecheck's insights into the flick itself (like CONQUEROR OF THE WORLD).

Check it out!

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