Monday, November 17, 2008

Worst. News. Ever.

Between the month-long post-a-thon that took place here in October and the 25 Hour Exhumed Marathon over Halloween weekend I haven't had much energy to post of late.

But I couldn't let this piece of news from Bloody Disgusting go unreported:
We learned exclusively that Transition Entertainment is shooting a pilot presentation next April that will bring RE-ANIMATOR's Herbert West back as "a teenage Dr. Frankenstein for the new millennium". Entitled HERBERT WEST: RE-ANIMATOR THE SERIES, the pilot episode was written by Meredith Red and William Butler, with a director yet to be named.
Speaking as somebody whose favorite film of all-time – not just horror movie but movie, period – is RE-ANIMATOR, this is the kind of news that makes me die a little inside. I'll take consolation in the fact that tons of pilots get shot and never make it past the initial stages and another similarly horrible idea – the CW's ill-advised THE GRAYSONS about a pre-Robin Dick Grayson and clan – got canned shortly after it was spawned.

But one never knows. Hell, CBS had a serial zombie drama in the works a few years back but I think the failure of JERICHO soured the network on serial dramas.


Elisa said...

Yeah, the general consensus I'm getting from fans is "My god, ugh, WHY?!"

This is the worst "cash-in" idea ever and it's blasphemous to not only Re-An fans, but Lovecraft fans in general. :/

Dan said...

Thanks for the comment Elisa and what a cool blog! I'm a big Combs fan and had the pleasure of meeting him at a BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR screening several years ago. I think he was a little taken aback by my declaration that RE-ANIMATOR was my favorite film ever made but he kindly signed my RE-ANI novelization anyway.