Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recent Reads: Comics Division

Thanks to some comic-loving pals (stop by Comix That Witness Madness) – and increased chatter about some of the upcoming superhero film adaptations – I've been diving back into the world of comics and graphic novels. Here are some of my recent reads:

Hugely entertaining collection I probably would have never picked up without prodding by some pals who know my taste for groovy age horror fun. Kept wondering just how they'd get hero Jack Russell into situations that'd require his lycanthropic skill set each and every issue and damn if they didn't do it. Loved the overriding conspiracy that's at play, the history of Jack's family, the tension of whether or not his sister will also become a werewolf, and all the weirdo touches that were seen in the first 20 or so issues. Was very disappointed by the TOMB OF DRACULA/WEREWOLF crossover but the monster mash with the hijacking hunchback more than made up for it. VOL 2 is sitting on my nightstand just waiting for me to dive in. Buy Vol. 1 at Amazon

A re-read for probably the third or fourth time spurred by the recent photos and news from the set of the film. After finishing the book last night I'm more curious than ever how they're going to weave the storylines, characters and Moore's techniques into a two hour flick. I still think the book bogs down around chapter ten, some of the writing is a bit stiff, and the mystery of who's behind it all has always seemed transparent, but the how and why is a stunner and the last chapter always leaves me staggered. Great stuff and it's easy to see why the creator of LOST is such a fan... you can see direct links to the show's sometimes bewildering mythos in the pages. Buy at amazon

Re-reads as well, courtesy of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN's Davey Z. Always loved YEAR ONE and read it faithfully during its initial run. As much as I love BATMAN BEGINS I've always wished they'd do this kind of take on the character without the high-tech suit, etc. KILLING JOKE's a fun one-shot, lots of exploration of The Joker's origins and psyche and an oddly satisfying last scene with Bats and the Joker sharing a laugh. Too bad BIRDS OF PREY didn't last longer as its opening sequence hinted at some of the elements of KILLING JOKE in its set-up. Buy Year One and The Killing Joke at amazon

Next up... NEW FRONTIERS Vol. 1 & 2, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: Vol 2

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Cinema Suicide said...

Dude. Those Marvel Essentials collections are thee shit. I would probably buy more comics if they were presented like those books. You get tons of comic for short money. Who cares if it's black and white on newsprint? The Tomb of Dracula and Monster of Frankenstein books are also fantastic.

I recently picked up The Escapist, that Michael Chabon tie-in for his novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay as well as Black Hole by Charles Burns which still gives me chills. You must read it if you haven't already. It gave me nightmares.