Friday, March 28, 2008

Johnny Legend Presents DEATH SMILES AT MURDER

While putting together my order for the latest batch of Spanish horror goodies from the fine folks at BCI – SAGA OF THE DRACULAS, BLUE EYES OF THE BROKEN DOLL & HUMAN BEASTS hit the streets earlier this week – I discovered that another dose of Eurotrash has landed on the video store shelves.

Make that a double dose of Eurotrash, including an appearance by our good buddy Klaus Kinski.

Be sure to check out the Johnny Legend Presents Eurotrash Double Feature THE TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM along with Joe D'Amato's head-scratching sleazefest DEATH SMILES AT MURDER co-starring Kinski as a test-tube-jiggling doc whose forehead vein throbs as he oggles former Miss Sweden Ewa Aulin.

I haven't seen DR. SADISM and I have a PAL version of DEATH SMILES, but I had to order this one to see how the presentation of this fascinating head-scratcher stacks up.

Buy the DR. SADISM/DEATH SMILES double feature disc at Amazon.

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