Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today is FROM BEYOND Day (And Much More)

For years Stuart Gordon's FROM BEYOND has been at the tip-top of my DVD Wish List. As of today that spot is now occupied by Fred Dekker's amazing NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.

Yep, the long wait is over and the uncut, unrated director's cut becomes available today. But watch your wallet when you go to the video store. Not only is FROM BEYOND being released but other genre titles hitting store shelves today include THE BURNING (uncut slasher flick with effects by Tom Savini), WITCHFINDER GENERAL (creepy 70s witch-ploitation with Vincent Price), FOOD OF THE GODS (nature run amok-ploitation), TALES FROM THE CRYPT/VAULT OF HORROR (double feature disc), CHOSEN SURVIVORS/THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING (double feature disc).

9/14/07 Update – FROM BEYOND and THE BURNING arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Over at the Bava Book Blog they've been posting pix of readers – including our pal Neil Vokes – posing with the long-awaited volume. Maybe I should take video of me hugging my FB DVD with sheer joy and taking the protective wrapper off! I'm already planning a Stuart Gordon double feature for this weekend. Can. Not. Wait.


Nigel M said...

food for the gods i saw as a kid at the local cinema- probably not as agood as it seemed when i was a kid.

saw witchfinder general about 2 weeks ago- that one is great.

the amicus double ferature tales/vault is great.

Dan said...

I'm really looking forward to checking out WITCHFINDER GENERAL again. I saw it ages ago on home video but it was the old print that was edited and had the different musical score. I also ordered THE BURNING which I haven't seen since the drive-in in the 80s.

The-Iron-Inspector said...

'From Beyond' on DVD!!! About time!
Ken Foree and Jeffrey Combs...you can't be bad to it!

great blog by the way!