Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where Was This MJ in SPIDER-MAN 3?

When the original casting was announced for the Spider-Man films I was happy about Kirsten Dunst in the role of Spidey's redheaded galpal, though I was pushing for the curvier Laura Prepon from television's 'That 70s Show'.

As good as Dunst was at capturing the role in the first couple installments, I'm afraid she peaked with the closing scene of SPIDER-MAN 2 in which she delivers the classic "Go get 'em Tiger" line. (I still get a lump in my throat ever time I see that scene.) I'll eventually get around to posting my review of SPIDER-MAN 3 but suffice it to say that Dunst is one of the flick's many weak points and a major wet blanket on the entire proceedings.

With S3 making big bucks, further installments of the series are almost inevitable, though probably without many of its lead stars. Which I'm fine with, since the recent flick had a surprisingly low energy level and the series needs fresh blood in front of and behind the camera.

Perhaps the casting directors can look for an MJ that matches the recent, super-busty statue of the character released by Sideshow. I'd suggest they start flipping through issues of Juggs and Gent now.

Amazingly, the statue has generated its fair share of controversy, including one Canadian blogger who laments "This is the worst thing I have ever seen."

Translation? "Look at me. I'm a jackass."

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