Monday, January 08, 2007

Wild Card Weekend: Recap

Well, I was one Tony Romo FG hold away from a perfect weekend, but alas. Went 3-1 straight up with only the bungled hold, scramble and fumble by Romo putting a crimp in my weekend. Frankly, that game was so horribly played it was a shame somebody had to win.

Against the Spread I went 4-0, correctly predicting thumpings by the Colts and Pats (though both games were closer than the final tallys indicated) and close wins, with points, by the Cowboys and Giants.

Short week for the Eagles as they prepare for another trip to New Orleans where they lost on a last second field goal earlier in the season. Had that game -- or the game the Birds lost on a last second, 62 yard FG to Tamps -- gone the other way, Philly might have been the team sitting at home watching yesterday.

Look for divisional playoff picks later in the week.

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