Thursday, January 04, 2007

SILENT HILL 2 On the Way?

I never played the videogame and didn't get a chance to see the flick in theaters, but I dug the hell out of SILENT HILL, which had the same kind of creepy, hypnotic visuals of some of the classic Lucio Fulci flicks of the 80s but done with a much bigger budget. An eye-popping head scratcher if there ever was one, the film was fairly successful here in the US and did well around the world.

Now comes news that director Christopher Gans may be helming a sequel to the horror hit. You can read some brief excerpts from the interview at Jo Blo's Movie Emporium, flex your French class skills with the original interview, or visit the Silent Hill Forum for a translation.

Among the interesting points Gans mentions is that the scenes in the middle of the film featuring Sean Bean as the husband trying to find his wife and daughter were forced upon him by the studio.

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