Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mid-Week Update at ER

Here's what's new at the Exploitation Retrospect web site...

CHAOS (2005): Louis Fowler calls this update of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (and THE VIRGIN SPRING) "a survivalist horror neo-classic." Find out what has him tossing around such praise.

BLIND BEAST VS. DWARF KILLER (2004): Crites is disappointed by this claustrophobically cheap looking production from The Godfather of Pinky Violence. But it does have a dwarf in it.

42ND STREET FOREVER - VOL. 2 (2006): You won't need a raincoat to enjoy this second installment of Synapse's Times Square trailer collection, but Louis Fowler says it might not hurt.

IRVING KLAW CLASSICS VOL. 1-4 (2006): Cult Epics digs into Klaw's legendary wrestling, stripping, bondage and Betty Page vaults for another lesson in stag film history. Mike Wood takes a revealing look at the collection.

VINTAGE EROTICA ANNO 1920 (2006): Think your grandparents weren't scoping out some porn, er, erotica back in their day? Crites thinks different and examines this surprisingly randy collection of early 20th century stag loops.

Read these and hundreds more reviews at Exploitation Retrospect On-Line: The Journal of Junk Culture and Fringe Media. Coming soon: Joe Sarno's mid-70s softcore classic LAURA'S TOYS, the existential gore of HOUSE OF BLOOD, top notch krimi action in ZIMMER 13 and much more.

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