Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fresh Reviews at ER Online

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SNAKE DANCER (1976) -- Mondo Macabro's release of the true life tale of Glenda Kemp.

FREAK OUT (2004) -- did SHAUN OF THE DEAD leaving you wanting more side-splitting British horror comedy? Then check out this tale of two gawky teens training a serial killer.

SLAYER (2006) -- It's PREDATOR Meets FROM DUSK TILL DAWN as Casper Van Dien battles South American jungle vampires in this B-movie insta-classic.

MASTERS OF HORROR (2005) -- Check out the latest batch of MASTERS OF HORROR Season One releases including DANCE OF THE DEAD and IMPRINT plus PICK ME UP and HAECKEL'S TALE.

For these and hundreds more reviews of horror, action, exploitation and Klaus Kinski films visit, the exclusive on-line home of Exploitation Retrospect.

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