Friday, September 01, 2006

FACE/OFF With the Sports Guy

I've long been a fan of columnist Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy. It's one of the few columns I feel like I can recommend to both sports-loving and sports-hating friends. Filled with pop culture references, movie obsessions, and reality TV blathering among the Boston sports worship, Yankee bashing and gambling tips The Sports Guy is one of my obsessive reads.

Unfortunately, Simmons is cursed with a high-pitched, slightly screechy voice that doesn't lend itself to long hours listening on the radio. If he had a better voice I'd spend my days openly campaigning for him to have a radio show I could listen to. For now I'll be happy listening to his occasional appearances on the Adam Carolla radio show where he and Carolla (as well as a really annoying guy named Dave) hack apart "Basic Cable Classics" like CON AIR and FACE/OFF, the most outlandish John Woo film ever made... and that's saying something.

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