Thursday, August 31, 2006

ER Endorses Iowa Political Candidate!

I am not what you would call a politically active individual. Sure, I vote in every election, try and have some idea what the candidates stand for (rather than voting strictly on party affiliation), and bitch and moan about elected officials as much as the next person, but I rarely will go out of my way to use this forum to publicly endorse a candidate.

Until now.

Intrepid reporter, THG contributor, web researcher, drinking buddy and Smile Hon editor WP Tandy first alerted me to the campaign of James Hill, congressional candidate in Iowa's First District. As the only "pirate and truly independent candidate" running in the election it'd be easy to assume that Mr. Hill is attempting to latch on to the good will and box office power of a recent smash summer hit.

But read on good friend and you will see that this is not the case. No, Mr. Hill believes that being a public servant demands great personal sacrifice and clearly states what he stands for. There's something about a guy who uses his campaign web site to declare that he'll "...smoke the last of your glaucoma medication. Then I will surely drink your liquor cabinet dry..." that makes me want to vote for the guy.

And if that's not evidence enough, check out this colorful blog entry with references to John Waters and colorful descriptions worthy of Hunter S. Thompson, may he rest in peace.

Though some have suggested you can't be a pirate in a landlocked state I disagree. They're putting too much stock in the image of the swashbuckling, ship commandeering, grog swilling, maiden, um, unmaidening buccaneer. What Mr. Hill is proposing is nothing less than a viable third option, a bandana wearing grassroots political party bent on taking back the power in this country.

And he's got my vote. Well, he would if I lived in Iowa.

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