Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dropping a LOVE BOMB

To follow up on yesterday's post about the Cars 2.0, it is in fact Kasim Sulton playing bass with the band and tour dates with Blondie have been announced. Alas, no Baltimore or DC dates so I guess we'll be trekking to Atlantic City to see the show.

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to see Tubes drummer Prarie Prince pounding the skins. It somehow slipped my mind that Todd Rundgren produced that band twice, including their final, underappreciated studio LP, 1985's LOVE BOMB.

As much as I dig other LPs by Fee Waybill and Co., LOVE BOMB may be my all-time favorite. The second side is one long, funkafied R&B melange while the first side features crackling pop-rock with songs like "Piece by Piece", "Stella" and "One Good Reason."

Sadly, the album sank without a trace (supposedly due to the record company's desire to push Waybill's subpar solo LP over LOVE BOMB) and the Tubes were no more. Too bad, as this slab shows they definitely had more in 'em.

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