Saturday, December 03, 2022

Adios, Craig | Saying Goodbye to An Old Partner in Trash Cinema

Was completely floored last night when I found out that Craig Ledbetter of European Trash Cinema and Hi-Tech Terror fame had passed away. When my buddy Lou and I created ER back in 1986, a copy found its way into Craig's hands and it wasn't long before we became trading partners and fast friends.

His zines were crucial in my development as a trash hound, and to paraphrase Mr. Joshua from LETHAL WEAPON, Craig had forgotten more about trash cinema than I will ever know.

My association with Craig led to lasting friendships with pals like Bob Sargent of VIDEOOZE, David Zuzelo (my CINESLUDGE co-host) and CINEMA ARCANA's Bruce Holecheck; and I'm not sure such mutant sinema breeding grounds as the old European Trash Cinema (ETP) group on Yahoo would have existed without Craig's influence.

As a proprietor of European Trash Cinema he'd fill my PO Box with countless DVD-R double features like last night's viewing of THE PLEASURE GIRLS (with Klaus Kinski) and the Jack Taylor/Paul Naschy monster mash DR. JEKYLL VS. THE WEREWOLF. And when I wanted to do something "special" for friends like send out a dozen or so copies of KINSKI PAGANINI he was the guy I turned to.

As I look around at the trash horror community and see all the grieving, I can only imagine what his family is going through. I hope you'll keep them–and everybody who was lucky enough to know this wonderful man– in your thoughts, prayers, or however you celebrate one's life.

And as you go through this weekend and the days ahead, remember to enjoy every sandwich as Warren Zevon once said.

Adios, Craig. – Dan Taylor

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