Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Castle Falls (2021) starring Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren

“Follow the guard, find the money.” 

Scott Adkins headlines as Mike, a down on his luck MMA fighter who lacks the killer instinct needed for success. Living in his car and working a temporary demolition job at soon-to-be-imploded Castle Heights Hospital, Mike stumbles upon a stash of cash hidden by a gang member before he ended up in prison. Determined to grab the cash and change his life, Mike heads back into Castle Heights with just 90 minutes left before demolition – unaware that a desperate prison guard (Dolph Lundgren, who also directed) and a small army of money-hungry cons are also searching for the loot. Though it takes a little time to get started Adkins and Lundgren make the most of it, giving more depth to their characters than most straight-to-video action thrillers muster. GRADE: B. – Dan Taylor

Available for rental from Redbox and Amazon.

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