Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Mack Bolan: The Executioner #75 – THE BONE YARD (1985)

It’s “Pearl Harbor in the desert”, but little do Frank Spinoza and his Vegas crew know that they’re under attack from Mack Bolan – The Executioner – and not Seiji Kuwahara, the sushi restauranteur with Japanese mob connections looking to take a slice of Sin City’s gambling pie. 

EXECUTIONER 75: THE BONE YARD (1985) finds the Bolan saga back on familiar ground, with Mack taking his war against organized crime straight at both the Italian and Japanese contingents, while the old guard Jewish mobsters who helped build Las Vegas plot revenge for years of being lap dogs for the likes of Spinoza and the major crime families. Throw in a sympathetic homicide cop and an investigative reporter in distress and you’ve got all the makings for a quick but entertaining men’s adventure outing, despite the fact that none of the villains present much of a threat to our hero. 

Author Mike Newton packs THE BONE YARD’s 184 pages with plenty of colorful and graphic descriptions of the violence that befalls anybody who crosses Bolan’s path (“flattening him between the hard unyielding layers of metal like a slice of ham inside a ghastly sandwich” was my favorite) and if I was drinking at every mention of “parabellum manglers” I’d be face down on our vacation house porch. 

Bonus points for the interview excerpts with Bolan creator Don Pendelton (from KMGH-TV in Denver) in which he discusses the upcoming Bolan film (“maybe a series of pictures”) produced by Burt Reynolds with Sylvester Stallone writing, directing and starring as The Executioner. – Dan Taylor

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