Thursday, April 17, 2014

ER Lives, Upcoming Shout Factory Action Double Bill, Weng's Chop 5 and More

While waiting out a torrential downpour here on vacation I decided to use my free time to check on the ER blog and discovered it had been a shocking two-plus months since I'd posted an update.

Granted, I have the usual annual excuses like my January through April work schedule to go along with some personal events, but I'm still surprised I hadn't posted anything in more than two months.

Things seem to be starting to return to "normal" and ER 52 is even nearing completion despite an intended release date of Fall 2013 (I always tend to be a little optimistic on those print dates) – hopefully you'll all think it was worth wait.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in, let you know we're still kicking and drop a few pieces of news and notes while I drain some PBR and watch the really large palm tree outside wave back and forth in the storm...

Brian Harris, Tim Paxton and Co. have released another issue volume of the mighty Weng's Chop and it's a doozy. But don't take my word for it. Jason Beck of Post-Modern Trashaeology has a great review of the new issue (complete with a nice shout out to ER and his review of issue 51).

Speaking of Tim Paxton, the longtime zine fixture has relaunched his MONSTER! zine and has already produced not one, not two, but three (!) installments of the latest incarnation of the influential and informative publication.

Need a little action in your life this summer? Shout Factory has announced a Blu-Ray featuring Jim Brown and Christopher George in I ESCAPED FROM DEVIL'S ISLAND plus the Lewis Collins SAS vehicle THE FINAL OPTION which I remember from its days in heavy rotation on PRISM. The flicks will be available as a Blu-Ray double bill or part of a DVD quadruple feature which also includes SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL and Tony Anthony's TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS.

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